Combat Arms VIP Hack *Trial* 3 Days


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    Combat Arms VIP Hack *Trial* 3 Days Empty Combat Arms VIP Hack *Trial* 3 Days

    Post  iamdoor123 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 2:41 am

    Combat Arms Hack.



    Note: You Must Register There And Find The Post In The -Combat Arms Section.

    CA NA VIP Hack Trial

    Vid: ----

    Download: ----

    Aim Bone - Head, Neck, Chest, or NUTS

    Auto Aim - Automatically Aim Without A key

    Auto Fire - Automatically Shoot when locked onto target

    Aim Key - Aim with aimkey

    Visibility Checks Check if visible before aiming

    Engine D3D - ESP:

    B. Vis Check - Check if player is visible before aiming

    Name Esp - Enemy and team or just Enemy

    FireTeam Esp - NPC Esp

    Box Esp - Draw a box around the enemy

    Draw Bone - Draw the aim location

    E. Vis Check - Change esp color when target is visible

    Nade Esp - Tags on Explosives

    Nade Distance Esp - Display distance to nade

    Nade Warn - Display warning if to close to explosive

    PickUp Esp - Display weapons on ground

    PickUp Dist - Display distance to weapon

    Distance Esp - Display the Distance of Players

    3D Box Esp - Display 3d bounding box

    Show Tracers - Show the path of bullets

    2D Radar - Display All players on a Radar ( GPS )

    Chams - Display players green when behind walls

    Color Tool - Edit The color to everything in this whole hack!


    No Fog - Removes the fog

    No Spread - Remove weapon spread

    No Recoil - Remove weapon recoil

    Hide Weapon - Remove your weapon

    No Cam Damage- No Recoil when you get shot

    Removals - No un-needed graphic functions like smoke and lighting

    Fullbright - Makes the world brighter

    No Reload- Never have to reload


    Virtual Pos - Sends your view in the air while your still on the ground

    Speed 0 - 4- Makes you go faster. 4 settings

    Fly Hack - Fly

    Hulk Jump - Makes your default jump height much higher

    Windowed Mode - For multi tasking

    Server Crasher - Crash Any Server Only works while joining game so you must exit and reload the map to crash a server

    FireTeam Tele Kill -

    Teleport through all the NPC's and kill them all at one time ( RAPES OPK )

    Tele Kill -

    Teleport through all the enemys and kill them all at one time ( RAPES OPK )

    X-Hair - Display D3D Crosshair


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